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Meet The Team

Our Team

Our team at R Spot consists of proactive, intelligent, but most importantly kind individuals. If you want to reach out to anyone at all, simply leave a request in the contact form!

Rushil Mohan '24 - Founder | CEO

 Head of Massachusetts Branch

      Lalita Narayanan '25 - Head of                        California Branch

     Rohil Mohan '24 - Head of        Curriculum Development

Lauren Bailey ' 24 - Curriculum Developer

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Aryahi Singh '25 - Head of Oklahoma Branch

Neha Lazar '24 - Head of Texas Branch

Anousha Jaie '23 - Head of Pennsylvania Branch

Dhruv Chandna '25 - Head of Virginia Branch

Diya Bhattacharya '25 - Curriculum Developer


Esha Jhawar '23 - Los Angeles Head

Rhea Kohli '23 - Grafton Library Fundraiser 

Click to Read Whats up! My name is Rushil, and I am a junior from Shrewsbury. I started this initiative because of what it means to me, especially given my background. For some facts about me, I love robotics, public policy, public speaking, medicine, tennis, and more! To reach out to me, email my personal. My email is

Apply for R Spot

If you wish to join, please simply fill out the form in the Contact Us section, as we take the forms very seriously. We are very open, so we are always willing to accomodate everyone who is willing to make a difference!

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