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Meet The Team

Rushil Mohan '24 - Founder 

  Head of East Coast

              Lalita Narayanan '25 -             Head of West Coast

 Rohil Mohan '24 - Head of Curriculum Development/Advocacy 

Shefali Chaubey '24 - San Diego Branch

Armaan Priyadarshan ‘25 - Website Development

Lauren Bailey '24 - Massachusetts Branch - Fiskdale

Rhea Kohli '23 - Massachusetts Branch - Grafton

Dhruv Chandna '25 - Head of Virginia Branch 

Nihitha Reddy '24 - Massachusetts Branch

Siya Dixit '24 - San Diego Branch

Aryahi Singh '25 - Head of Oklahoma Branch

Neha Lazar '24 - Head of Texas Branch

Diya Bhattacharya '25 - Curriculum Developer

Apply for R Spot

If you wish to join, please fill out the form in the Contact Us section. We are always willing to accommodate everyone who is willing to make a difference!

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