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R Spot
Lowering the digital divide, for all

Access to the internet is not a luxury, it is a necessity. 


At R Spot, we strive to make a difference by fixing an underlying issue in modern day life: the digital divide. The digital divide refers to the unequal access of technology and internet throughout the world, and we believe that with your help, we can help those who don't have access to such important aspects of modern living! We are entirely student run and based in Greater Boston, and our team looks forward to making a lasting difference for everyone!

What we do


Even if someone has technology, we recognize that not everyone knows its full capabilities, or how to use it! We teach classes mainly at libraries, but we are certainly willing to accommodate anything. Our classes are mainly for little kids, and we teach general principles such as how to use the internet, social media, and other components of technology that can have potential risks. Through classes like these for any age group, the R Spot community hopes that we make a difference, and allow for a safer online world.


Every dollar counts. We receive money for R Spot through various independent and coorperate donations, then use this money in a multitude of ways. We funnel the money donated into libraries and their shareable hotspot programs. By doing this, we allow for the total increase of shareable network that is free and accessable to anyone. In addition to libraries, the money is also funneled towards other charitable initiatives that allow for the decrease of the digital divide.


With the spread of Covid- 19, American legislation shifted towards the quality of life within the home. As a result of this, funding was allocated towards programs with a very similar purpose: lowering the digital divide. However, COVID 19 is thankfully on the decline, but this means that the legislation that led to these programs carry less and less weight. Here at R Spot, we engage in teen advocacy towards increased funding for this exact cause, with the hope that the digital divide can continue to be lowered on a scale that helps everyone!


$11,000+ pledged         37 libraries                      8 states


Where does the money go?

Currently, the money that we collect is reallocated to those that we are partnered with. We partner with universities and libraries, ​and our partnership range anywhere from a hundred to thousands of dollars. We focus on their programs that provide wifi and internet, as that is the goal of R Spot. We pay for the hotspot data plans, bags, chargers, and often times the hotspot itself. This allows to either revitalize, or optimize an already good program to its maximum state. We also have the power to individually give hotspots and routers to those in need that couldn't use a public service, but we generally use institutions as they are more common. 


Where does the money come from?

Our money goes from businesses and individual donors. We take advantage of the locations that we are in (LA/Boston), as they have generous people who are willing to help. As far as businesses are concerned, we generally receive one time payments from small and larger businesses that range a large amount. We are currently an official sponsor/nominee for Microsoft, and HPE. 



Who are we partnered with?

Currently, we have built ties in the local and national areas. We are partnered libraries within Boston and Worcester, and the City of San Diego's public library system. All of these partnerships have been accumulated since mid November 2022, and we are looking to build many more in the coming weeks. 

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